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Eating Disorders Informed & Sensitive
Discovering Balance:
Fitness Coaching & Support

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Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist

Eating Disorders Informed & Sensitive 

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Discovering Balance:
Fitness Coaching & Support

Discovering Balance: Fitness Coaching & Support was founded to help individuals of various fitness levels and backgrounds, foster a balanced relationship with fitness! Our aim is to help individuals reach their fitness goals and discover their passions through movement.

We also strive to support individuals to discover balance when integrating exercise into eating disorder recovery. We provide a safe and supportive platform to discuss any challenges that one may encounter during the journey of recovery.

Discovering Balance: Fitness Coaching & Support works to help individuals identify unhealthy exercise thoughts and behaviors and supporting them in redefining their relationship with fitness. We aim to help our clients find a balance between challenging the body and bringing the fun back to exercise. We encourage listening to one’s body cues and promote adequate fueling to maintain a healthy body and mind!

Our target reaches beyond the individual and we strive to collaborate and/or educate your specialized treatment team, athletes, teams, coaches, parents, athletic trainers, etc. on how to best support your unique challenges and recovery goals!

Discovering Balance: Fitness Coaching & Support will not use emotionally triggering or extreme tactics to motivate you! We want to help lead you through the fitness world with kindness, support, and empowerment! :-)

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